Track: Willie J Healey – Fashun

Willie J Healey takes another big step towards the August 7th release of his new album ‘Twin Heavy’ via YALA! records, by sharing the new single ‘Fashun’ along with its official video. 

It sets an irresistible tone as the opening track on the album, but curiously was recorded after Willie thought it had been completed. It was recorded during an improvised session with producer / drummer Loren Humphreys (The Last Shadow Puppets, Florence + The Machine, Tame Impala) as they mixed the record.
“The session was so exciting,” recalls Willie. “I was having a really good time in New York. One night a bunch of Loren’s friends came down to the studio and we just started playing. It was so fun, we didn’t speak about who would play what which made it really wild and I think we got ‘Fashun’ in two takes. I’ll never forget the look in Loren’s eye while behind the kit. A wild man was driving the train and we all loved the ride.”

Once you past the screaming intro the track is a slice of summer time cool. Guitar led country pop in the Healey fashion. Healey has a wonderful knack of writing witty intelligent lyrics, “I know you and you know me.
I guess it’s safe to say we know each other. How’s your father been? Is his heart still pumping?” He keeps his voice relatively in control here but there are moments when his true potential breaks out. Check out the verse after the first chorus starting with “I was lost and found” Another solid gem surely cementing his place with a great future ahead of him.

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1. Fashun
2. True Stereo
3. Big Nothing 
4. Songs For Joanna
5. Twin Heavy 
6. Sweeter Than Most 
7. Condo 
8. For You
9. Heavy Traffic 
10.Why You Gotta Do It
11. Thousand Reasons 
12. Caroline Needs 

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