LONDON label World of Echo, the fledgling imprint which has emerged from the rather excellent record emporium of that name on Columbia Road, E2, has announced the second release in its nascent catalogue; with the prize of being 002 going to Mosquitoes’ Mosquitoes EP, a rather glorious, skeletal, no wave dub excursion on 10″, if lead track “Strobeluck” is anything to go by. Hey, go dive into that stripped back percussive thrum below. We’re kind, so we’ve embedded it. We love it too.

Mosquitoes follow Mutabor!, the Anglo-German art underground band, into the World of Echo annals – we took a look at that debut release here.

Let’s meet Mosquitoes: they’re a London-based trio consisting of Clive Phillips, Dominic Goodman, and Peter Blundell. They operate in the weirder ends of dubby dancefloor post-punk and industrial Beefheart essaying, pulling on influences like PiL and the Cabs and James Chance & The Contortionists, maybe even a little World Domination Enterprises and God Is My Co-Pilot, smashing those bands’ oeuvres and cracking them open and feasting on the hearty sonic marrow inside, to bring forth eerie and shadowy cinemascapes, teetering towards collapse but full of verve and snarl.

They’ve a half-dozen or so 7″s and 12″s under their belts, and we don’t know a right lot else; for all the dancing wordery above, there’s something deep at the heart of what they fuse and forge that, like Cthulhu, evades formal description. You just have to hear.

World of Echo have picked up the record formerly known as MOS-002, previously a single-sided 12″, and one of brace of early serial-number titled releases that vanished into the mist as soon as they appeared four or more years ago back now; retitled, two inches lopped off for a dubplate appearance, it’ll be out in an edition of 300 only come March 5th.

Five tracks, shifting, unsettling, grinding, a strong heartbeat pulsing through, but defiled; the rock canon deliciously reinverted. Would Peel have been a fan? Hell yes.

Place your order for Mosquitoes’ Mosquitoes EP here. Bring on the gnarl.