Premiere: Third Culture Kings release new single/video for Lucid Dreamer

Third Culture Kings are a Copenhagen/NYC duo featuring former dälek man Alap Momin plus Jan Johansen of Glorybox and Ring Them Bells. Describing what they do as Womb music, they pull in elements of psych, indie, techno and bass music. They’ve a new track ‘Lucid Dreamer’ out tomorrow (12th February) and we’re delighted to be able to premiere it right here on Backseat Mafia this morning.

Of the song, Jan says “I woke up one morning from a lucid dream, the kind of dream where you realize you are dreaming and become some kind of superhuman that can do anything you want without consequence. I remember jumping out of the window in my apartment building and I just floated down to the street. I entered a shop and just grabbed whatever I wanted, then flew back up to my place thru the air. Upon waking, I drew some parallels to “a certain person in power” who seems to be of the illusion that he is actually in a lucid dream, and I wrote some words for a song.”

There’s something of the Depeche Mode about Lucid Dreamer at its outset, with its stark melancholy, and bubbling synth lines, but there’s more than that as it traverses between slashy guitar chords and techno, with just a little whiff of industrial wafting across the boughs. What really makes it though, is the part-stiffling, part in your face production, which brings an immediacy to the melodies which literally grabs your attention, bringing its message, a comment on the US election, sharply into focus.

Brilliant stuff. Check out the accompanying video below, shot by Stef Galvan

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