EP Review: The Moors – 15 Minutes

NYC’s The Moors just released their debut EP, ’15 Minutes.’ Formed in 2018, The Moors is comprised of lead singer, rhythm guitarist, and songwriter Din (Mubashir Mohi-ud-Din) and lead guitarist, producer, “consigliere” JP Bowersock. Din, who was born in the UK and whose family immigrated to the US from the disputed region of Kashmir, eventually settled in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. After a chance encounter between Din and JP at the Delancey/Essex subway stop, a close friendship and musical comradery ensued. Joined by a supporting cast of seasoned NYC musicians, THE MOORS ethos is simple: just give ’em good tunes, and keep it New York AF.

Written and recorded during the global pandemic, “15 Minutes” was produced by JP Bowersock (The Strokes, Julian Casablancas, Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, Norah Jones, Zerobridge)

Front man and songwriter Din says,

“I didn’t want to waste anyone’s time with the tunes. Our mantra was ‘don’t bore us, get to the chorus.’  We recorded everything live, and when things really got bad with the lockdown, we worked remotely. This record could only have been made in New York, and its sound and attitude hopefully reflect that—celebrating the City, while also trying to provide some hope, solidarity, and maybe even a little insight and levity during such a tumultuous time.”

From the onset the rock n roll swagger is notable with the thumbing of ‘Hearts Dream’ which opens the EP. Short and sweet with a great melodic vocal line. Sweet poppy strumming leads on into second track ‘Trickster’ The track bounces gently long with a strong melodic sense and some great drumming and lead guitar hook.

Bass led tracks like ‘Narc’ and ‘I’ll Never Know’ tumble along in fine rock n roll tradition with some superb drumming that picks the tracks up and runs away with them. Narc giving a chance for JP to shine while providing a counter melody to Din’s vocals. ‘I’ll Never Know’ is pure NYC attitude from the heart.

‘Cocaine Girl’ is a tour de force from the off and wouldn’t look out of place on a Tom Petty album. The outro with the melodic bass line mimicking the vocal line is a particular highlight.

‘Got Your Six’ with the shouts loud and proud and will be a great live track with the addictive popping of the drums that you can’t help put tap to too and join in on the ever crowd pleasing oh oh ohs.

Brit pop comes in the form of the EPs standout track ‘Thoughts and Prayers’. Full of big chords, leading bass lines and one of the best vocal performances on this EP. All finished off with a perfectly formed guitar solo bringing things to a close.

The whole EP is full of great performances especially from Din on vocals. Short sweet bursts of pop laced with rock and roll swagger makes for a great introduction to these guys. The wall of sound these guys create is joyous, addictive and full of nostalgia.

Have a listen to the track ‘Narc’, below:

Find out more via the bands Website or Facebook

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