Track: Bleed From Within – Temple Of Lunacy

Bleed From Within have released their stunning new studio album, ‘Shrine’. The most fiercely anticipated record of their career, ‘Shrine’ marks their most groundbreaking work to date. In celebration, the band have revealed their fifth album single, ‘Temple of Lunacy‘, alongside a visualizer video, created by Craig Gowans – 12 Inch Media.

Ali Richardson quoted,

“Temple Of Lunacy was just the perfect track to be dropping on release day. It has all the ingredients that people would expect of a Bleed From Within song, but we ramped up all that groove, aggression and melody to another level. A great showcase of the production value also with the symphonic elements carrying the main riff. It’s a relief to have this album out in the open now for everyone to enjoy. You’d better believe that we’re just getting started.”

An apocalyptic sounding start the track quickly descends into lunacy itself with the furious attack of guitar and drums with singer Scott Kennedy giving one hell of a vocal performance. The frantic verses are interspersed by the grooved up bridge and choruses that are nothing short of metal brilliance. You can’t help but be swept up by this band and their music.

Check it out, here

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