Track: Evans The Death – Expect Delays

It seems appropriate that I’m writing this on the day of a tube strike in London. Evans The Death guitarist Dan Moss sums up the lyrics of their new single Expect Delays, the title track from their second album, saying “It’s about people failing to connect with each other. It’s a good soundtrack to travelling on the London Underground”. Today that would have to be the soundtrack to travelling on an overcrowded bus.

The lyrics of this single may be despairing (“someone threw themselves onto the track again, I really should learn to drive but I just don’t trust myself with the lives of others”), but the music is a 90s influenced, noisy locomotive of a tune. Katherine Whitaker’s sweet and swooning vocals soar over the fuzzy guitars and fizzing drums. The ridiculously catchy chorus has meant this song has been stuck on repeat.
It’s definitely time to get off the tracks and onto the Evans The Death train.

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