See: Once & Future Band share video for Airplane

Taken from their recent Deleted Scenes album, Once & Future Band have released a new video for the track ‘Airplane’. Then track itself, is this prog-folk epic, that starts slowly, all guitar effects and wispy melodies, before it morphs into an almost jazzy middles section, the sheen of the Saxophone and guitar interplay nodding towards the likes of Pat Metheny, before it switches its attention back to something more rustic to finish.

Describing the video, Robinow said, “Airplane was from 2004 thereabouts the lyrics are about whatever you think, but it was written in a rock n roll themed hotel in Amsterdam, the kind with like a snare drum glued to the ceiling, and just the words “Bob Dylan” written in a funky font on the wall, I was sharing a room with an old bandmate who had met a free jazz Swedish woman on the ferry some days before, I also had a friend from home who I was hanging out with platonically, who had mercifully fallen asleep oblivious to the drunken courtship of two ppl who didn’t share a language…I heard “Albert Ayler” and then a lot of amorous scuffling and then everyone was asleep, and the next day had started outside and I wrote a song in my head about someone who was a long ways away and was probably not thinking about me at the same time like I imagined.”

Director Luke Judd explained, “Airplane, is a reflection on isolation and a reframing of the passage of time from burden to beauty while sheltering in place. Compiled from 75 time-lapses taken solely from my yard in Oakland between March 26 ( day 3 of the Bay Area Shelter in Place order) to April 20th. I’m a long time fan of Ron Fricke’s work and I started to form the idea that I could weave these bits into a larger meditative piece. I tend to edit to place holder music and had a pre-release of OAFB’s Deleted Scene I’d been listening to on repeat. The slow, psychedelic beauty of the song, as well as the theme of isolation, Airplane seemed to be a perfect fit. I emailed Raj Ojha, drummer of OAFB and friend, a very early edit. Mostly, as a “check out what I’m working on,” but it sparked a conversation which led to another 40+ time-lapses over the following weeks. With a close eye on weather reports, I tracked a cloud movement and plotted out the framings I wanted. Every night I’d process what I’d taken that day and fill in the gaps. Ultimately, this was a project of letting go of control and making the best choices out of what was available to me, valuable lessons during the quarantine.”

Check it out, here

Deleted Scenes is out now via Castle Face Records

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