See: Julianna Barwick releases video for Inspirit

Julianna Barwick has resurfaced with new music, a new album and a new home. Inspirit is taken from her forthcoming album Healing is a Miracle, out on July 10th via the ever-brilliant Ninja Tune label.

Of the album, Barwick talks of a return to the creative process, saying it had been so long since I had done that … making something for myself, just for the love of it … it was emotional, because I was recording music that was just from the heart, that wasn’t for an ‘assignment’ or project … it brought me to tears a little”.  

The album features three key collaborators – Jónsi (Sigur Rós), Nosaj Thing and Mary Lattimore, and it was Jónsi, along with Alex (Somers) who bought her the birthday gift of studio monitors, which made a big impact for Barwick after only ever using headphones before.

“The first song I remember making with those was the first song on the album, Inspirit.” she explains. “When I added the bass I really felt it in my body, you know, in a way you just wouldn’t with headphones … it was kind of euphoric and fun.

“I got really excited about making the record in that moment, and I think that really had an impact on the sounds I ended up making.” 

“Inspirit” is a spiritual, ambient piece that echoes as if you’re surrounded by plainchant in a cathedral, the choral lines allowed to bleed into each other over accompanying electronic textures. It’s quite beautiful.

Check the track and its beautifully shot accompanying video, here:

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