Live Review: Jango Flash / TV Death / Trunk – The Lubber Fiend, Newcastle 28.07.2022

Adam Littlemore

By Adam Littlemore

My first time to Newcastle’s new venue The Lubber Fiend, and there is a promise of a great night with the crowd buzzing already. It’s always great to support local businesses like this in the music industry because venues like this are what bring music together.

Opening band Trunk were the perfect band to kick things off. This was the first time I have seen them perform and wow what amazing band. The whole crowd were dancing and singing along to their music and you could hear every note, from the clashing sounds of the guitars and heavy bass riffs and the pounding drums taking the roof off the venue.

The second band to perform were TV death, and I remember seeing this band perform at Pop Recs and they were just as awesome tonight. The way they present themselves on stage and how they can get the crowd going with their loud guitar riffs and rumbling bass riffs creating a huge wall of sound.

The last band to perform where what the sold out crowd were waiting for. Jango flash took to the stage with their loud guitar and bass riffs and Jack’s powerful vocals and loud drums from the drummer as the night was drawing to a close the band just ended the show going crazy and bringing the house down

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