Album Review: The Krayons – Ready, Steady, Nuke!


The original ‘angry young men’ were, as you may well know, a group of lower middle/working class writers from the 1950’s. Disillusioned by society, they weren’t afraid, and in fact went out of their way, to make criticise and attack the establishment. In more recent times, the term has been applied, for much the same reasons, to many from the punk scene, in particular the anarcho, anti-fascist, more than slightly left of centre bands. Bands such as The Krayons.


Hailing from Wakefield in the gritty heart of West Yorkshire, The Krayons first hit the streets in 2004 whilst still at school. They worked hard at getting gigs but for a number of reasons decided to pack it in. That was until 2012, when thankfully original drummer, Simon, and lead singer/guitarist, Jambo, met up with bassist Luke Dale. With a much moreseasoned attitude the trio set about re-establishing The Krayons on the UK street-punk scene. This time there was no messing around, they were straight in with their return, playing as the openers for hardcore stalwarts, The Varukers.


After been told locally that “no one wanted to hear” ‘their’ kind of music anymore, they took the DIY punk ethic by the balls and set about proving everyone wrong. No one wanted to give them a gig, so they started their own monthly punk night. Since then thy have shared the stage with names such as The Vibrators, UK Subs, Discharge, Anti-Nowhere League, Abrasive Wheels, Peter And The Test Tube Babies, Vice Squad, and Subhumans. (see ‘Wakey Punx Sunday Service’ feature).


Then came the fanzine, then the record label – Under Dogz Records – a couple of self-released EPs…


…and now, at long last, the album; ‘Ready, Steady, Nuke!’ 

‘Ready, Steady, Nuke!’ is exactly what The Krayons intended it to be – raw, fast, in your face street-punk that passes furious comment on world issues, while also having time for some fun along the way. Pure punk! Have a blast of ‘Gaza’ as an appetiser…

The 10 track album is available now via the bands own label, Under Dogz Records and also as digital download via all the usual major downloading services.

The Krayons are:

Jamie ‘Jambo’ Sirman – lead vocals/guitar

Simon ‘Grease’ Greenfield – drums/vocals

Luke ‘No Nickname’ Dale – bass/vocals.

Catch them live –

31st January – Parish Bar – Huddersfield

7th February – Players Bar Wakefield

Keep up to date with the band and look out for further upcoming tour dates via:-



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