Track: Spank Rock – The Upside EP

 Out now on Boysnoize Records is the new EP from Baltimore electro / rapper Spank Rock. He might have burst on the scene with the seminal Yoyoyoyoyo album which dropped back in 2006, but since then he’s released a slew of releases, including 2008’s Bangers and Cash EP and 2011’s ‘Everything is Boring and Everyone is a Fucking Lia Fucking Liar’. On his new release, The Upside, he’s drafted in some of the most creative talents in his family of collaborators, including New Orleans trap man Kid Kamillion, Philly producer Noah Breakfast, Don Loemax of Passion Pit, and German Techno producers and label owners Boys Noize.
The EP opens with 12 o’clock boys, which layers various vocals, and then this heavy trap feeling with decending bleeps and assorted swirls. Over the top Spank lays down his rhymes in his own inimitable style. Its almost stripped back in a way with the multiple lines of vocals, some sung, most not, providing the majority of the backing. Follow on Gully has already found favour with the likes of Brodinski and A-Track, and again focuses on the lyrical aspect, deeper and bassier than its predecessor, it has this popping bassline that comes in and once more, layers of vocal samples that work alongside Spanks warm vocal, that see him make pointed observations and no lack of humour.
Assassin ups the ante, harder and more urgent, and featuring the vocal talents of Amanda Blank, his first official single with her since 2008. Both lay down an easy flow with almost unnoticeable speed, both posting their thoughts in rapid succession. Burning Man again has its foundation in the cut up vocal samples, but it also has this epic build up, worthy of some kind of euphoric house track, but instead veering left (field) into this off kilter trap / bass feeling. One Hunnid has these tumbling beats and percussive noises that shower the track, but its underpinned by this driving bassline, with minimal synth lines.
Bonus track Gully (with you) is given an almost submerged bass / house remix by Switch of Major Lazer alongside Rick Trainor for their latest electronic collaboration With You.
Spank Rock is here. Take notice.


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