Live Gallery: Lemon Twigs at the Manning Bar, Sydney 28.10.2023

Lemon Twigs

Tonight there is an excited crowd at the Manning Bar, waiting to see the Lemon Twigs. Made up of the the multi-talented D’Addario brothers, Brian and Michael, the Lemon Twigs emerged from Long Island with a distinctive sound that harkens back to the golden age of rock and pop.

Their music is a captivating amalgamation of influences from the 1960s and 1970s, notably drawing from the rich harmonies of The Beach Boys, the theatrical flamboyance of bands like Queen, and the intricate compositions of Todd Rundgren. While their sound is deeply rooted in the classic rock and pop tradition, the Lemon Twigs are known to infuse their work with a fresh, contemporary energy.

Ironically an icon of the 60s, Sir Paul McCartney is also performing in Sydney tonight. The brothers tell us that they saw “Macca” last night, “He put on a good show. He’s a Beatle!” they quip.

The knowledge that a legend is in town does not deter the Lemon Twigs, as they launch into a raucous mix of glittering glam and raw garage rock. They look like the Ramones but sound like angels with an unholy communion of T. Rex and The Stooges, thrown in for good measure. The D’Addario brothers deliver a set that is as much an aural assault as a spiritual experience.

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