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Seeking inspiration as diverse as the likes of Dirty Projectors, I:Cube and Scott Walker, AMA//MIZU is defined by a desire to seek authentic and unusual sounds. Weather a circuit bent drum machine or pieces of wood, anything becomes a tool in his South London based bedroom studio. It is from the confinement of this small space, surrounded by urban settings, that the songs take shape before being enhanced and deconstructed by a trio of live musicians, and finally brought to life in the mixing room, with the complicity of Ash Workman (Metronomy, Christine and the Queens)

Listen to: Fil de lune (Live)


Some nice minimal textures here, accompanied by understated vocals. Electronic beats ride along with layers of effects and low smooth sub bass patterns, vocals are used more as a melodic element to the whole soundscape of the compositions which adds a nice depth. The track ‘Fil De Lune’ is in French and for me is the stand out on this EP, a simple Casio-esque drum machine that morphs into a live percussive sound, smooth fluttering sax and AMA//MIZUs vocals layered with a female backing, a real gem. Overall, tight production with evolving compositions that can be newly explored with each play. One to track down. Enjoy.


Track List:

  1. Waiting Room (Face to Face)
  2. Luciferin (Original Mix)
  3. Goldie (Original Mix)
  4. Fil de lune (Original Mix)


Out Now: SaS Recordings

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