Track: Holy Holy construct shimmering sonic architecture in new single ‘How You Been’

Melbourne duo Holy Holy have an infinite capacity to deliver sweeping melodic tunes that are layered, nuanced and euphoric (see our review of their 2017 album ‘Pain’). Their new single ‘How You Been’ does just that: it is an immersive piece that is a delightful sonic construction that combines a euphoric tone with just a touch of melancholia. It’s vibrant and posed: an indelible element of the duo’s songwriting. Tim Carroll, part of the duo with Oscar Dawson, says:

It has a lot of the hallmarks of what we do. At the core of it, it’s a classic Holy Holy song in the sense that there’s real storytelling. A character based, lyrical theme plays out.
Then there’s Oscar’s emotive chord progressions that subtly influence the way you feel. They feed into the lyrics. You don’t realise why, but you’re listening to the song and certain emotions come up.

Carroll’s voice is delicate and emotive and the instrumentation, while light in touch, is an aural delight with its intricate patterns:

It is this kind of shimmering delivery that makes Holy Holy such a vital and exciting band – recently sold out shows in Sydney and Melbourne attest to this. You can get the single here and if you are in Brisbane, catch the band over a show this week – details here.

Feature Photograph: Wilk

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