Re-Issue: Mark Archer – Songs For Einna

In 2007 an EP entitled ‘Songs For Einna‘ was released on the DS93, first as a White Label/Test Press as seventeen copies and then as an official DS93 release as ninty three copies, DS93 (a off-shoot of Dust Science Recordings) was set up with a strict release code: No Represses, No Downloads, No CD Compilation. Over the years it of course became a sort after EP, not only because of its scarce numbers but also because it’s a quality piece of Techno/House by the renowned producer Mark Archer previously of Altern 8, Nexus 21 and Slo Moshun.

Jump forward and over ten years later, in the vinyl boom that has seen some of the most ‘hard to find’ releases once more getting a well deserved re-press ‘Songs For Einna‘ is back. ‘a.r.t.less (an off-shoot of Mojuba Records) have taken the reins and give us an impressive re-mastered and re-packaged EP.

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As soon as you hear the 909 kick and snare you’ll be transported back to the sounds of Chicago House & Detroit Techno. Mr Archer knows how to blend all the essential elements to get that old-skool flavour while still managing to keep it sounding fresh. The re-masters are so sonically crisp you could be mistaken it’s a recent production, but i can only speculate as I wasn’t lucky enough to compare it to a copy from back in 2007. If you previously missed out like I did, remember, good things come to those who wait…

now the waits over.

OUT NOW on a.r.t.less

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