Track: Prides – Born To Be Whole (plus news on A Mind Like The Tide pt.2)

Prides A Mind Like The Tide pt.2

Glaswegian synth-pop duo Prides are back with a brand new single from their upcoming EP A Mind Like The Tide pt.2, which will be released on 30th March 2018. The new track, titled ‘Born To Be Whole’, feels like one of the most honest and personal songs this band has ever released, capturing your heart with a beautiful sincerity that can be found in its words and its melodies.

“This is a song about a relationship I once had, and that feeling of finding someone whose brand of weird fits yours perfectly,” lead singer Stewart Brock explains. “The yin to your yang, the back to your forth, the Callum to your Stewart.” Anyone who knows Prides will tell you how close the two band members are – they’re two sides of the same coin – joined together in a mutual appreciation of 80’s music and classic sci-fi films. (With that said, Stewart claims ‘Born To Be Whole’ wasn’t actually written about his bandmate.)

‘Born To Be Whole’ shares a story of love, and the feeling you get when you find someone who sees through your pretense and doesn’t run away. When someone isn’t afraid to call you out on your shit, but is equally comfortable to stay in bed with you all day, when there’s no pressure to be something other than yourself. Relationships can be fleeting, but Stewart has captured the meaningful connection that often lingers long after the other person disappears.

If we’re ever lucky enough to find someone who complements ourselves so perfectly, there’s often a battle with time or circumstance, fracturing the seemingly perfect bond and leaving little more than a shadow. The lyrics, “god damn it there’s so much I wanna tell you, god damn it it’s so hard for me to say” share those frustrations, as you suddenly find yourself unable to talk to the one person who used to make it so easy. The comfortable honesty has somehow been replaced by a delicate heartache and words left unsaid; it’s enough to break anyone’s heart.

Prides are known for their dance-floor, sing-a-long party anthems, but don’t let that distract you from the sincere and emotional lyrics that pull them through. They’re two sides of the same coin: you can’t have heads without tails, nor can you have yin without yang, or Callum without Stewart. Our lives are filled with duality and Prides have took complete ownership of that, releasing their album in two parts and encouraging us to take a dip in both calm and turbulent waters.

Listen to ‘Born To Be Whole’ below:

A Mind Like The Tide pt.2 tracklist:

Born To Be Whole
Don’t You Feel Love (Coming Around to Life)
End of Days
Say it Again
Not Good at Giving Up
On Our Own
Everything is Going To Be Fine

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