Track: My Dying Bride Share video for single ‘A Secret Kiss’ taking from their new EP ‘Macabre Cabaret’

My Dying Bride return from their break with a new EP – “Macabre Cabaret” to be released on November 20th via Nuclear Blast.
Taking from the EP, the band have shared the a lyric video for first single ‘A Secret Kiss’.

 Singer Aaron Stainthorpe states:
“’Macabre Cabaret’ delves into the shadow empire of dark love and the consequences of unchecked sexuality. The deep passion of physical desire and its all-conquering rage over pure love is written bleakly here. A destructive essence within the soul can’t help but rear its ugly head.
‘A Secret Kiss’ is the final and lasting mark on the soul any human will feel when the lights have dulled and nothing meaningful remains for them. All religion features a shadow creature who arrives at the point of extinction and the release of the human soul, to either guide them to majesty or allow them do fall eternally into the ether.

Huge drums and haunting vocals that chant as the crushing guitars, slow and death filled bring a murderous tint to this epic track. The musicianship is impressive and the whole song captivates from start to finish. Like a medieval song of sorrow.

Check it out, here:

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The EP was produced mixed and mastered by maestro Mark Mynett and crowned with a beautiful and sinister artwork from Bunker Artworks.

It comes as jewelcase CD, digital version,

Black Gatefold LP,

Black And Blue Splatter LP [US exclusive – limited to 300 p.],

Blue Sparkle LP [Mailorder Exclusive – limited to 300 p.],

White and Grey Splatter [Mailorder and Wholesale Exclusive – limited to 300 p.],

Marigold LP [EMP Exclusive – limited to 300 p] and

White LP [US – Revolver Magazine Exclusive – limited to 300 p].

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