As a student growing up in the hedonistic disco-punk era of the ’00s, to see the news that Luke Jenner of The Rapture is releasing a solo record is a great start to a Friday morning.

1, released through Manono Records from May 15th, is being announced as a semi-biographical account of Jenner’s life; from the trauma of child abuse in his family to the happiness he seeks in his own family now and in the community of survivors that sustain him.

The themes – violence, abuse, addiction and abandonment – are set within the context of rock history that, to quote the missive regarding the album, “sustained him there as well.”

“You’re Not Alone”, the first single from the album, is currently streaming across all good digital outlets, is a tender, sombre glimpse into Jenner’s introspective work as his voice splits between utter pain and despair to almost spiralling, nectarean harmonies.

1 will be released on vinyl (including a limited edition yellow vinyl), CD and digitally from May 15th 2020. Pre-orders are available now.