EP: My Invisible Friend – My Invisible friend

My Invisible Friend are the latest addition to the enviable roster belonging to Fuzz Club Records. Based out of Parma, Italy, the noise pop trio are set to release their self-titled EP on 19th September.

Opener ‘Eyes’ presents full on fuzz from the get-go with haze laden lyrics drifting to and from the surface. Whilst guitar effects induce a dream like state with a droning riff, the subdued drums drive the beat and it becomes quickly apparent why these guys are causing a stir on the shoegaze scene. Channelling influence from the likes of the Cocteau Twins and Slowdive, the melody exists below the layered sounds and the track draws to a haunting end with a heavily distorted guitar and drum reverberation.

‘Endless’ offers a more distinct guitar presence at first with a repeated riff drawing attention, but still keeping the same distortion resonating throughout. Slightly lengthier than its predecessor, the vocals give way to a lulling, soothing collection of sounds which subdue the consciousness into drifting, falling ever deeper into this pleasing aural experience.

The first single taken from the EP, ‘Sleepless’, completes the record. Having been  recently premiered by Clash Magazine and described as a “hugely expansive 18 minute trip-out”, it channels the murky depths previously explored by the likes of The Black Angels, the shoegaze warmth of My Bloody Valentine and is wrapped up neatly with motorik drumming reminiscent of krautrock greats Neu!. Overall it presents more as a krautrock track and therefore comes as somewhat of a contrast to the previous two tracks which are bathed heavily in shoegaze, showing the versatility of musical skill that they can traverse musical genres with such ease.

The EP will be released on limited edition deluxe and standard edition vinyl and digital download. The vinyl is available for pre-order now: www.fuzzclub.com


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