Album Review: David Douglas – Spectators Of The Universe

David Douglas used to do videos now does music…….ok more info…………he has a wealth of analogue equipment, including a prized Roland Space Echo with which he creates waves of celestial melodies, intertwining them perfectly with crisp, driving beats, swerving through the cosmos, leaving a shower of arpeggiated synths and hypnotic vocals in his wake………more?…. well he has a new album coming out called ‘Spectators Of The Universe‘ and your in for a treat

Bouncy lively beats, lush filtered vocals and retro synth and bass are all expertly blended together to make one smooth cocktail of IDM that gets better with every….er ear full… try explaining what music sounds like, it’s not easy…ah stop I have a better idea


see, told you, one smooth cocktail of IDM that gets better with every….er……ear full…..why do I bother.

David Douglas switched his attention to music back in 2012 and has since gained a reputation as one of the most expressive and all-encompassing electronica producers around. Check out both his 2012 ‘Royal Horticultural Society’ EP and his debut album ‘Moon Observations’ and… if you get a chance to see him live, get your butt down there, he brings all his analogue equipment along including his Roland Space Echo………I feel I excited a certain part of our readership and lost a certain part at the same time with that last bit.


Track List:


1. Lucine

2. Lucid Moment

3. I Want You

4. Last Day on Earth

5. C’Est La Nuit

6. Highway of Love

7. Pay No Mind (Stand out track)

8. Venus

9. Pastel Dreams

10. It All Started


Coming out March 24th on Atomnation Records