Track: Toronto’s Bad Waitress share a second taste of their debut album due September, hear rambunctious new single ‘Delusions of Grandeur’

Gritty, Toronto punk rock four-piece Bad Waitress have shared the second single from their riotous debut album, No Taste, out September 3rd via Royal Mountain Records.

Delusions of Grandeur is as rambunctious as it is energetic and follows the release of last month’s first single Strawberry Milkshake. The band explains, “When the wrong people get put into power, songs like this get written. It’s about wanting them to cut their teeth on the ground labourers have laid down for them. It’s an expression of classic working-class frustrations; knowing those people, fuelled by their own greed and narcissism, will never see what you see – which we are reminded of daily on the news.”

“We’re calling out a broken system with the hope and resilience to try to build something new. It’s a dynamic song that doesn’t go where you expect it to, complete with soaring vocals, bass breakdowns and disarming harmonies” -Bad Waitress

The group’s own brand of antsy art punk revels in fits of fury and ego, managing to be both ferocious and playful at the same time. They play like they’re conspiring or casting a spell, each member wielding a different power, howls and erratic drum fills and fiery riffs fuelling one another. Members Katelyn Molgard, Nicole Cain, Kali-Ann Butala and Moon all finish each other’s sentences, their conversations flowing when they describe the band’s sound. “We play with conviction. There’s nothing apologetic about it,” Katelyn says.

Kali and Moon first started jamming as ‘The Nude Dogs’ back in 2014, before Katelyn joined two years later. By 2018, when Nicole joined on bass, things just clicked into place.  

Bad Waitress’ debut full-length album, No Taste, finds strength in mood swings, from the upbeat to the throw down. Nicole says, “I feel powerful when I listen to this album, like I’m fucking untouchable. It’s basically a self-defense album.” Showing the influence of such legends as Sonic Youth, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and The Stooges, the band also cite jazz as an inspiration (Moon’s background is playing improv jazz).

“Our process is a little bit of everything,” Kali concurs. “I write the lyrics and usually a standard rhythm for the songs and we go from there, sometimes it comes from a jam.”

Bad Waitress are: Kali (she/her), Katelyn (they/them), Moon (they/them), Nicole (she/her)

No Taste is set for release on 3 September via Royal Mountain Records

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