Track: Mush – Fear Index

Not ones to sit around sitting on their hands after the release of their Lauded debut album 3D Routine, Leeds art rockers Mush have jumped back in the studio to record a new 5 track 7” EP “Great Artisanal Formats” which is coming out to coincide with Record Store Day on June 20th via Memphis Industries.

ON the EP, the bands Dan Hyndman explains: We felt like we wanted to be back in the studio ASAP after finishing “3D Routine”. This was a strange record because we had the idea for it, in terms of format, before writing any of the songs. I’ve always enjoyed the early punk budget 7″ E.P’s and also I’ve always wanted to do a Record Store Day release. It’s weirder than the album, very much a throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks approach. Which with our sensibilities means it’s ended up more guitar laden and busier than ever. Lyrically more abstract than record, bit of a breather from the politics.

From it, the band have released Fear Index, a sub two minute slice of gloriously engaging wonky pop, with angular riffs and oddball vocals. It sails fairly close to the likes of The Futureheads at their most experimental. If you can resist it, you’re better than us.

Check it out, here

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