Track: Duke Dumont – The Giver (Reprise)

27th August binds me and Duke Dumont together. The worst day for a birthday. Virtually the youngest person at school, if not actually the youngest person at the school, and the last to get a provisional licence, the last to turn 18. Worse still, if you wanted anyone to come to your birthday party (especially in bygone ages – you know, before facebook even) you had to invite them at school 6 weeks (almost) before.

Clearly, its not affected the good Duke (aka London Adam Dyment) and he’s able to forget those moments which scar so many of us born on that date (actually no-one much is born on that date, except me, Duke, legendary Australian cricketer Don Bradman and Sex Pistol Glenn Matlock – and more than likely I’m also the only one scarred, but go with it) who manages to make summery house anthems that live long into the memory.

Given that, you might remember The Giver, which originally came out 2012, and featured on the triple EP ‘FOr Club Play Only’. This new Reprise is contained on his debut album, due out at the end of the year. Taking its sample from Kim English’s ‘Time for Love’, it ticks every box of house anthem, 808 claps, uplifting synths and bubbling bass, plus a healthy dose of memorable melody. The single is out now on EMI/Universal.

Maybe I’ll invite him to my party. Six weeks in advance.

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