Say Psych: Album Review: Hund – Matches

We spoke to Venetian’s Hund not long ago about their forthcoming release, and the anticipation that surrounded its release. Last week it came out on WWNBB Records and its been a pleasure to listen and review.

Born in early 2014, they met among school benches in the province of Venice, Italy. One of their home recordings catches the attention of the label WWNBB collective which releases their first single Lands in summer 2015. Meanwhile they stood out for their live appearances sharing the stage with artists such as Jens Lekman, Kula Shaker, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, The Holydrug Couple, Sticky Fingers.

Opening with ‘Is It Really What You Need’, a short, snappy track that wastes no time in asserting its dominance with its chaotic approach that captivates. It leads to ‘Happy Words and Coloured Stones’, a track that’s so laden with California coast vibes its practically surfing on its waves. The track has a dramatic false ending half way through that grabs attention and listeners would not be out of place thinking this was a Heaters track, a comparison they’re certain to like; a theme which continues into ‘Land’ which is pacey and ceaseless in its energy. ‘Coda’ has a slower tempo, with emphasis on swirling guitar riffs and haunting vocals.

‘Not Guilty’ opens with a stunning riff that’s beautiful in its simplicity, before leading into hushed vocals. The track has an ethereal feel throughout and could be from any number of time periods or genres, but ‘Exer’ on the other hand is a completely different entity with its racing guitar interplay that leaves you breathless. The short track leads into title track ‘Matches’ which takes a bit of everything that has come before, superbly mixes them resulting in this piece. Ironically concluding with ‘Hello’, another musically complex number that required precision in order to channel the elements and make them heard, it does, and an almost post punk energy exudes from the track, adding yet another dimension to this intriguing offering.

There are so many bands now creating this kind of music, but not many nails it with their first album, Hund undoubtedly do.

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