Track: The Allergies feat. Dynamite MC – ‘Lean On You’: reach out to each other and glory in some quickfire fun

THANK the good lord for the fun.

The Allergies kept us keeping on through the trials and tribulations of last year with so many great single drops – “Get Yourself Some” and “I’m On It”, “Just Got That Feeling”, more – and a party-vibe fourth album, Say The Word, which helped a lot, brought the sun; and now 2020 is behind us and 2021 promises to be a better year – promises, but is still playing a little bit coquettish and shy of delivering – they’re back with, they whisper, an album all box fresh and ready to unleash come the summer’s end; and their first single of the year, which will be out on glorious 7″, the time-honoured single drop format for all you proper vinyl heads.

The lead track sees Dynamite MC clambering aboard, and ready to “Lean On You”; reigniting a collaboration (and The Allergies are, of course, nothing if entirely sexy in their collaborations) that dates back to the banger “Hot Sensation”, from Say The Word.

And it’s a quickfire lyrical flow in a call and response style begging for some communal joy, hugs, bellowed choruses. Soon, guys; soon. Take a listen for y’self.

The 7” comes excellently flipped with “Working On Me” – a deep southern-fried funky blues-soul number beggin’ for nifty footwork, all Muscle Shoals excellence, maybe a little touch of the Fatboy Slims. This twin-pronged and wholly loving assault is one to let screamin’ out of the bag when we can all chink glasses and smile wide. Classic Brizzle excellence. We’ll say it again; thank the good lord for the fun.

The Allergies’ “Lean On You” b/w “Working On Me” will be released on 7″ this Friday, April 23rd and can be ordered right now over at Bandcamp.

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