Track: Floodhounds – Quicksand

Jack Flynn

Known for their blasts of stomping fuzzed-up indie guitar, savage riffs and hook-heavy choruses; Yorkshire trio FloodHounds have shared their new single ‘Quicksand’. This follows on from their previous single Psychosemantics.

“‘Quicksand’ is all about the emotional turbulence of life’s journey, exploring resilience in the face of moving “two steps forwards another backwards,” says Jack. “Life rarely moves in a straight line but the song is about finding the determination to forge on regardless through unpredictable situations,”

A fierce track dominated by a driving riff and snappy vocals, as a heavy hitting chorus swaggers its way out the speakers with a confident toe tapping rhythm. The jangling guitars add a touch of colour as do the backing vocals, but that solid backline makes the track what it is. Tight, solid and fizzing with energy.

Check it out, here

Find out more via the bands Website or Facebook

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