Track: Family Friends – ‘I’m Like You’

‘I’m Like You’, the exhilarating second cut from a forthcoming EP out via Beatnik Creative on February 24th.

I love a lazy, off-kilter indie track with discordant melodies and dreamy vocals – so this was right up my street.  Think floating down a sundrenched boulevard by the sea on fluorescent rollerblades – maybe with an 80’s tie-dye T-shirt and ripped denim short-shorts. Ok maybe that’s a tampon advert but it kind of works as an visual image for an aural delight of a track.

This lovely noise is courtesy of brother-sister duo Rebecca and Tom Fitzsimons, apparently based ‘between London and Melbourne. Aha! Yes, I think I can detect the jet lag and late night production. Nicely layered guitar solo work and distorted crunch works well with a beat that has good groove, and some cheeky tremolo on the bass. No idea what the song is about but really interested for the EP. Half a million players on Spotify seem to agree.


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