See: Little Brother Eli reveal video for Oceans

Once again creating an incredible dose of beard envy, Little Brother Eli are back with a brand new music video for their song ‘Oceans’, the opening track from their album Cold Tales. Beginning at once with plenty of atmosphere in its soundscape, this only gets deeper with each element that’s added to it as it all unfolds.

From the powerful tone of the vocals to the blistering solo elements when the guitar, bass and drums are working together perfectly, ‘Oceans’ serves as a great reminder of the quality Little Brother Eli have always strived to create as well as being a perfect introduction to why you should be paying attention.

It’s a creative and simple video to get you to focus on what really matters which is the song itself. Little Brother Eli have once again delivered a track that highlights their talents in crafting songs which comes out through every note and every beat and if you haven’t already checked out their album I highly recommend it.




For more on Little Brother Eli, check out the links below:

The album “Cold Tales” out now:
Twitter: @littlebroeli
Instagram: @littlebrothereli

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