Album News: Emily Jean Flack Shares Debut Album ‘How You Love Me’

Making a unique blend of alternative-pop and traditional folk, Emily Jean Flack has found a space of her own. The daughter of Leahy band member Denise Flack, shines as a luminary of unique musical talent on her debut album ‘How You Love Me’. With her emotionally resonant and exquisitely crafted songwriting, euphoric live performances and always pinpoint perfect vocals, ‘How You Love Me’ stands as a breathtaking showcase of her most compelling work to date.

Emily’s musical artistry is a delicate fusion of folk instrumentation and pop production, weaving a sonic tapestry that beautifully marries the warmth of synths, electronic elements, pianos, and guitars with the rich textures of fiddles, flutes, whistles, and mandolins. The album’s opener ‘I’ve been Waiting’ is a prime example of this musical style – opening with a loop of picked fiddles before gradually building layers of electronics, strings and thick production to perfectly blend the two musical worlds which Emily finds herself.

Moments of intricate instrumentation displayed on ‘Wild Horses’ and ‘Take It Slow’ are reflected agains the right infectious pop of ‘Goldie’. Throughout the albums tracks, Emily’s feel for emotion be it reflective melancholic, soulful, heartfelt subtleties or vibrant, explosive and euphoric climax’s is exquisit. There’s no doubt that Emily is a performer with great skill with a brilliant team of musicians and producers around her which allows her to shine bright.

This album was recorded in the picturesque town of Grimsby, Ontario, under the skillful guidance of producers Aaron Brown and Bradley Barnham, collectively known as “Family of Thing.” Their collaboration ignited a creative spark that resulted in a unique blend of folk and contemporary music, a delicate dance of tradition and innovation. Emily reflects on the partnership, saying, “I had moved back to Canada, and when it was time to record, it felt like starting from scratch. I heard of Brad and Aaron through a mutual friend and admired the music they had previously released. Although our sounds were quite different, they shared a melodic sensibility close to mine and a strong emphasis on rhythm. I thought it was worth reaching out. The rest, as they say, is history. Looking back, I realize how much I was yearning to take risks with my sound. The collaboration was the perfect opportunity for me to infuse my roots into the indie-pop space. It was a simultaneous mix of terror and liberation!”

Delving into the album, Emily shares, “This album was a labor of love, a project that took on a life of its own and allowed me to push my own boundaries. The result surprised even me. It’s filled with stories of love, pain, and personal growth. I write songs to confront my own heart. I believe we all need an outlet like that, a sanctuary for working through our joys and sorrows, a place where vulnerability is not just encouraged but required. Music is that sanctuary for me.”

Emily’s deep musical roots extend across both Canada and Ireland, where she pursued an MA at the Irish World Academy. Her talent has been recognized and celebrated, earning her support from across tastemaker press and seeing her perform live across the UK, US, Ireland, and Canada.

With ‘How You Love Me,’ Emily Jean Flack’s artistry transcends boundaries, offering a musical journey that seamlessly melds tradition and innovation. It invites listeners to explore their own emotions while basking in the ethereal world she creates. This album is a testament to the power of music as a vessel for introspection, a space for both artists and their audiences to find solace and authenticity. Emily’s mesmerizing melodies and evocative storytelling continue to weave a harmonious tapestry that unites the old and the new, the timeless and the contemporary. Emily Jean Flack’s debut album is a musical masterpiece that leaves a lasting impression.

Listen below:

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