SEE: Ganser’s ‘Emergency Equipment & Exits’ explores just walking away

ILLINOIS quartet Ganser have just released their second single of 2020, “Emergency Equipment & Exits”, an exploration of that universal human experience, the sudden, instinctual urge to just up and leave; and what would happen if you gave into that urge? 

The video to the song, beautifully self-directed by the band, finds the quartet in their rehearsal room. Partway through, you see singer and bassist Alicia Gaines’ eyes alight with a dawning realisation; she walks. You can watch it below.

Alicia said: “Sometimes everything gets too close, even when things are good, and you get this screaming desire to run away. The song [is] about feeling estranged from reality and choosing nothing over too much … the floor drops out, and you only have yourself to deal with.” 

You can see how Ganser have shared a stage with Daughter Stateside. There’s that early shoegaze feel given a darker undertow, a romantic fatalism, a Siouxsie-style swirl, all given an American new wave twist.

And in a preview of the album for Backseat Mafia, you can hear them let rip with a hardcore outfit’s instrumental power and Kim Gordon’s direct, emotive vocalising.

Ganser’s Just Look At That Sky is released by Felte Records on July 31st: you can pre-order your copy here.

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