SEE: Sarah Walk is unblinking on ‘Unravel’

WATCH the film for LA singer-songwriter Sarah Walk’s single, “Unravel”, and know she is a woman who is both facing up to and able to articulate emotional pain.

“Why is it my job to fix this mess? / You’re always ready to defend / You hear my concerns as anger / No one wants an angry woman ..,” she sings, right into you. Lip, slightly curled with a rage she’s just about containing; eyes, defiant in the strength of the rock bottom. Be chastened. 

A piano melody marks progress like a clock, before releasing into a softer refrain; guitars and a wordless chorus break in to add a cathartic depth and soundscape; the video breaks to fast-cut, handheld vignettes, as if trawling and reflecting deep in memory. 

“Unravel” is the second single to come from Sarah’s LP Another Me, which One Little Independent will be releasing on the last Friday in August.

A Berklee College of Music alumnus, alongside St Vincent, Aimee Mann, and Siv Jakobsen, Sarah’s album will “examine marginalisation, survival, death, misogyny, vulnerability … all leading towards a self-defining reclamation.”

You can buy and stream Sarah Walk’s “Unravel” across a range of platforms at

Sarah’s album, Another Me, is available to pre-order here.

sarah walk unravel

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