Premiere: Ead Wood release new video for the brilliant indie rock of ‘Environment’

Photo Credit: Alex Stark

Bristol band Ead Wood have just released their new single, Environmental, taken from their forthcoming EP Songs in the Quay of Sea, and we’re delighted right here on Backseat Mafia to be able to premiere the accompanying video for the track.

The whole EP is inspired by frontman Ed Soles love of the English Coast, and was largely written on long lockdown days. Of Environmental in particular, Ed told us “I read an article about the detrimental effect this unusually warm winter was having on hibernating animals such as hedgehogs, who were coming out of hibernation early due to the warm temperatures and I wrote the song straight on the back of this. The second verse refers to the story of Jonah and The Whale, envisioning what Jonah would find inside a whale now, mainly an array of plastic crap.”

The song blasts in life right from the off, with these muscular, fuzzy riffs catching you cold, and the infectious melodies knocking you clean out. Given the serious subject, if there’s a more bubbly, enjoyable slice of searing indie rock out this year, I’ll eat my own arm. Or something or equivalent value.

While you’re merrily jumping around, check out the accompanying video, created by Sam Brentnall using hand-drawn animation to depict the tracks narrative. It includes a section where the video’s protagonist visits the Extinction Rebellion (XR) protests that took place in September in London last year. Images used in this section were taken by the band’s frontman Ed and Sam who had attended.

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