Track: Melbourne punk trio CLAMM unleash blistering single ‘Liar’ to whet appetite for album ‘Beseech Me’

Fasten your seatbelts for the blistering new sing ‘Liar’ from Melbourne punks CLAMM. There are no such things as brakes when you get on board – ‘Liar’ is a frenetic unhinged blast of fury bookended by howling feedback and with rocket-fueled vocals. It’s cathartic and it’s explosive but also done with impeccable style.

The band says:

The song is about mental health. It’s about wanting to break through a pattern of thinking that isn’t necessarily positive. It’s about dealing with an internal monologue that isn’t always telling the truth.

It’s an internal monologue that is spit out in a frenetic fury over thundering guitars and rhythm section:

This is the second single off the forthcoming album ‘Beseech’ arriving 9 April 2021 on Meat Machine (Crack Cloud, N0V3L) available to preorder through the link below in a variety of formats:

Check out their just as explosive earlier single ‘Keystone Pols’:

Feature Photograph: Oscar O’shea

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