Track: Belowsky releases the punchy ‘Hooks Jabs Words (remixed by Danny Saber)’ through Alan McGee’s Its Creation Baby

The legendary Alan McGee’s new label Its Creation Baby has just released an smashing new tribute to Muhammad Ali by pop-poet Belowsky, entitled ‘Hook Jab Word’ and remixed by Black Grapes’ Danny Saber.

It’s a funky, restless track as light and fast as Ali himself with a dexterity and flow to the bass and vocals. The backing track is mobile and fast – echoes of a Talking Heads Remain in Light era gurgling and slamming percussion. Belowsky says:

I’ve been writing boxing poems for years. I have a love for the Heavyweights and the history of boxing which takes you on a journey through time, fashion and politics of the day.  As a poet I feel I have a unique perspective on the fight game. I always remember being with my grandfather, huddled around a radio listening to Muhammad Ali fights from the States, and most of all I remember the fight of the century – Ali versus Frazier from Madison Square Garden. It all felt so magical as the radio crackled and Ali got knocked down then rose back onto his dancing feet.

This vivid description flows into the vocals and is enhanced by the dynamic mix: down in fivepoet, dreamer, believer...jab jab jab jab – hit me…It’s a lot of fun.

The accompanying video is simply shots of Ali’s career – a perfect portraiture to the mix.

This is epic adrenaline pumping stuff.

Straddling the worlds of comedy, theatre and music, Belowsky has opened for The Charlatans at the world famous Cuckoo Club, performed at CBGBs in New York City to the Sunset Strip in LA, and hosted the Death Disco in London. He hosted the Tony Wilson Experience in his native Manchester and worked with Andy Bell (Ride/Oasis) on various artistic projects. Currently residing in Perth, Australia, Belowsky has even become an established media personality Down Under too.

You can download/stream the track here, released through Its Creation Baby

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