Meet: The Caulfield Beats + Single ‘Acid Part I’

After the release of the ‘Mexican Smoke’ EP, which saw the Boiler Room favourite 90’s Love (Acid Pt II), Lawrence Northall and Molly Dixon bring us their follow up single Acid Pt I. A little taste of what’s to come as we anticipate their forthcoming album due out this year. But before Video let’s catch up with….


The Caulfield Beats


BM: Let’s get things up and running with the traditional first question, what’s behind the bands name?

CB: The name developed unintentionally, but the Caulfield part was obviously a reference to Holden. He drifts through the city, dispensing with obligation and doing what he pleases. That’s a bit like our approach to creativity.


BM: How long have you been working together?

CB: A number of years. Though the nature of how we work together has changed over time.


BM: Do you prefer cats or dogs?

CB: Depends on the individual.


BM: What are the musical influences behind your music?

CB: There are aspects of all sorts of things. We try not to focus too much on anything specific, finding continuities within different types of music, as well as other forms, and interpreting them in our own way. No music is as independent as it is presented, it should be a dialogue.


BM: How did you get your music noticed?

CB: Not sure. Being dogged and persistent probably.


BM: If I gave you 2 quid to go buy me some chocolate milk, and it only cost 1.50, would you bring me all the change or would you tell me it was actually 2?

CB:We’d be on the next flight to Mexico.


BM: With your LP on the way, what can we expect to hear.

 CB: A more varied expression of largely the same urges.


BM: How would you describe the live experience of The Caulfield Beats?

CB: A cathartic ritual for purging the banal tropes of everyday life.


BM: What do you think of Lava Lamps?

CB: Waste of electricity.


BM: Have you been working with any other artists and who would you like to work with in the future?

CB: We’ve been a bit preoccupied with our own explorations and haven’t spent much time collaborating musically. I think if we were to collaborate in the future though, we’d be most interested in merging different medias and art forms as a way of challenging the boundaries between music and art.


BM: What are your plans for 2016

CB: Write more music, don’t look back.


BM: What’s a question you never want to be asked in an interview?

CB: Ditto.


So without further ado….




A warehouse worthy chunk of techno, heads down and let the smoke machine bellow.


Listen Here.


The single package comes with a remix from producer Antwerp, laying down some serious sitar vibes.


OUT NOW on Straight Lines Are Fine


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