Track/Video: Art pop partners Flash Amazonas release surf punk agitator ‘Ululo’, ahead of their ‘uva-uva’ album

Convention doesn’t extend to the art pop mission of Flash Amazonas. The loose partnership between Madrid based alt-pop purveyor Julian Mayorga and Japanese producer/instrumentalist Ryota Miyake has gradually morphed into band form since their encounters at the Red Bull Music Academy in 2015. Exchanging wonky WAVS and sketchy CD-Rs before returning to their respective homes in Spain and Tokyo was the start of Flash Amazonas idiosyncratic approach to creating their very own avant soundscape. Since then working together has mostly been a virtual experience and one which challenges the usual notions ‘getting their act together’. As Mayorga admits ‘Japanese and Colombians don’t like to impose. We are both very polite people and rather ask than act. It means he will let me do what I want and I will let him do what he wants.’

Uncannily this hasn’t led to art that’s falling apart. Flash Amazonas fizz very much on the same wavelength, one that’s wired with post punk, tropicalia-infused, psychedelic circuitry. The first signals from the Mayorga/Miyake connection came in 2019 with the eclectic electro-funk collection ‘Binary Birds And Other Surreal Things’ and it will soon be time transmission two.

The new Flash Amazonas album ‘uva –uva’ is due via the 60nice label on 28th October but before then you can satisfy your curiosity by connecting with preview track ‘Ululo’. A romping surf rock de-bunk of corporate power, the foot down riffs, punk jazz sax and speed-ska bassline provide some serious agitation. Crossing the tracks between new wave shimmer and ‘Eternally Yours’ Saints, it’s two minutes of sheer momentum, topped with an off-kilter, falsetto hook for that distinct Flash Amazonas absurdist touch. This could be time to get ahead of the curve and tune in to the charms of this duo’s quirky universe before the secret gets out….

Video by Julian Mayorga & Poetas Menores

Pre-order your copy of ‘uva-uva’ by Flash Amazonas direct from:

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