Album Review: Rituals – Show Me The Signs EP

The Breakdown

One of the finest metal EPs to be released this year

Newcastle metal band Rituals impressed us at Backseat Mafia hugely with their first EP ‘Awake’ (read the review here). Now the band have returned with a new EP ‘Show Me The signs’. Three tracks that show how far the band have come over the year since Awake was released.

The EP opens with the magnificent title track ‘Show Me The Signs’. A gentle start that highlights the exceptional production work which echoes the maturity in the band’s new work. Show Me The Signs is a track that breaths with plenty of space between the instruments thanks to the production work. Guitar work that cuts through the mix over the heavy throb of bass and drums with the singer sitting on top giving a great clean vocal performance. Something a little different from the band.

With the band’s gentle side shown on the first track, number 2 is an angry punch to the head with a bombastic explosive riff to begin proceedings. The growl is back along with the crushing guitar sound that dominated the band’s last EP. The track is a non stop groove fest from the roaring riff to the soaring chorus.

They manage to turn everything up a notch with the last track which is the final nail in the coffin of the idea the band have gone soft after the first track of clean singing and melodic plucked guitar. ‘In Devastation’ is a pummelling, insanely heavy dirge, from a band sounding way beyond their tender years. The drums are relentless in their sonic torture as

After the band’s first EP set them up as one of the bands to watch, this second EP arrives to backs up the claim even further. It’s carefully crafted with the band using clean melodic moments to make the heavier parts hit that much harder. The guys have shown maturity and a growing talent in their songwriting which only has us waiting for an album to cement their place as one of the best new metalcore acts.

Check out the band’s track Show Me The Signs, below

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