Album Review: Rituals – Awake EP

The Breakdown

With the Awake EP, we are witnessing a band developing their style and musical direction. Things are looking very promising for this quartet.

Newcastle metal band Rituals have been teasing audiences for a while now by dropping various singles over the last couple of years. Now the band have dropped their EP Awake full of driving powerful modern metal ready to fill many a mosh pit.

‘Awake’ rough sounding vocals with thunderous accompaniment from the crashing guitar, pounding bass and clashing of drums. The track shines with a spot of clean vocals which serves to make the guttural vocals that more little more harsh giving the track a stronger punch. Its the perfect track to open the EP and ensures the audience and well in the mood for what is to come.

‘Turn Away From The Sun’ has a heavy backbone of bass and the clean singing on the huge chorus centres the track into a more lighter territory although the rest of the track is one hell of a headbanger. A nice touch is the choir of voices which float above all the chaos.

‘Blinding To Me’ opens with a superb riff and is almost completely sung clean with a few guttural moments as the guitars get heavy with the main riff. The more melodic track because of this but still is as hard hitting as the rest. The guitars own this track with some fast paced finger work and just the right amount of crushing distortion.

Saving the insane for last, closer track ‘Craved Out’ has one of the best metal riffs I have heard in some time. Again the combination of clean and guttural vocals allows a more powerful track. Demonic in places Thunderously huge and insanely heavy, the track is the best on the EP and I am dying to hear it played live.

The guys have created a short sharp metal punch with this EP. The tracks are complex and interesting showing the songwriting talent of the quartet who have a lot to please many a metal gig audience. Superb riffs and impeccable drumming give the head-banging factor and the mix of clean and rough vocals complete the picture making one hell of a metal album.

Check out the single Turn Away From The Sun, below:

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