Track: Pip Blom – Sell By Date, plus The Boat special edition news

It’s been a year since the Amsterdam scuzz poppers delivered their wave breaking debut album ‘Boat’ and to celebrate they are releasing a special limited edition of the record on their label Heavenly. Built around siblings Pip and Tender Blom’s vocal/guitar chemistry and powered by a beat focused rhythm section (courtesy of buddies Darek Mercks and Gini Cameron), ‘Boat’ deserved all the attention it got last May. High on the agenda for Pip Blom are melodies, spikey riffs and chunky chord choruses, all brought together with a slacker weariness of Courtney Barnett proportions, a Pixies punch plus that healthy dusting of pop sparkle. So, it’s a record that stands up to the anniversary treatment that it’s getting.

This deluxe new edition of ‘Boat’ has been lovingly repackaged as an LP with new cover art, equally as striking as the original, plus two 7” singles, all in cool pastel vinyl. That means the ten gems from the first release are included plus two new songs ‘Sell by Date’ and ‘Freckles’ one on each side of the singles. Ever generous the band have also made ‘Sell by Date’ available for a taster listen to get the ‘Boat’ party started. It’s a sleek piece of indie pop, wiry guitar lines and this angular, but immediately attractive melody.

Check it out, here

But hurry, collectors and completists are likely to be tapping into Bandcamp right now!

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