Track: BANKS Treads New Ground On ‘Fuck Love’

Steering slightly away from her previous alternative electronic-pop sound and further into the realms of R&B (with a smattering of hip-hop for good measure), BANKS is treading new ground on the latest single ‘Fuck Love’. Expressing how her new album ‘Serpentina’ has given her a new found sense of musical freedom, BANKS explains: “In the past I’ve been really tight and controlled, and I don’t feel like that right nowI just feel more wild and free.” 

This sense of freedom is certainly reflected in ‘Fuck Love’. From the jumpy high-hats and processed synth loops, to the growling sub-bass, loose, thudding kick and the processed vocal production, this is a step away from the BANKS of before. The bass heavy backing is flawlessly produced: crisp, tight and subtly experimental, reminiscent of some of James Blake’s work for Kendrick Lamar – you can imagine a bar from Skepta over this as much as you can BANKS’ voice.

Blending her pop exploits with something more visceral and intense, ‘Fuck Love’ encapsulates an ‘I don’t care’ attitude from BANKS that hasn’t been seen before. Much like FKA Twigs recent album which saw her move further towards R&B-Pop, BANKS has taken her own leap into the realms of R&B. It’s refreshing to see an artist change their sound with such ease and such a sense that they’re enjoying the music they make and experimenting with their musical identity. Listen below:

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