Feature: Blue Nation Give Us A Track by Track Of Their New EP ‘Reflections’

This collection of songs represents a journey of creativity, emotion, and camaraderie that we’ve poured our souls into. 

Let’s start with ‘Strangers’. During our pre-production sessions, we were hunting for that missing piece, and it turns out, it was hiding in the late-night musings. I’d go home after studio time, and until the early hours of the morning, I’d craft ideas. When I brought them back to the lads, “Strangers” was born. The lyrics delve into that all-too-relatable feeling of being stuck in a relationship that’s lost its spark, knowing it’s wrong but still carrying on. 

‘Every Single Time‘ was a lightning bolt of inspiration. In just about 10 minutes, the chords and lyrics materialized. It was inspired by a dear friend navigating an abusive relationship, where lies were piled upon lies. The song tells their story, and thankfully, they found their way out and are now happier than ever. 

‘Old Friends’ stemmed from Luke’s endless stream of musical ideas. He sent over the riff, and on a quiet Sunday, I slowed them down and the melody and lyrics flowed out. The song reflects on the strength of friendship, how being together can conquer any problem or mend any issue. We believe in talking openly about mental health, especially for guys who often keep their feelings bottled up. “Old Friends” is a call to look out for your mates and be that uplifting presence they need. 

‘Hand Me Down’ is a testament to Luke’s creativity, a riff that had been waiting in the wings. During a rehearsal, we gave it new life, with Oli adding a killer beat. The song’s message is clear – the frustration of not being heard, whether it’s by a loved one, a teacher, or a boss. We all have our brilliance to offer the world, but sometimes it remains unheard. 

‘Reflections’ is more than just an EP; it’s a glimpse into our creative process, our emotions, and our desire to connect with our listeners on a deeper level. We hope these songs resonate with you, and if they can inspire just one person to feel okay about not being okay, then our mission is accomplished. Thank you for joining us on this musical journey, and we can’t wait to share these reflections with you.  

Check out the bands track Old Friends, below:

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