Track: L A C E D release the shimmering Shoegaze of Celeste

Birmingham five piece L A C E D have followed up last years Jade Vine with a new track, Celeste. Its taken from their forthcoming EP, New Bloom, out soon (can’t do better than that right now I’m afraid) on Rattle Pop records.

The track is a wash of noise and guitar feedback, but it’s sweetened by the girl/boy singing, coming across all My Bloody Valentine in its sound, the guitars growing in confidence and eventually trading with the vocal. It swirls and twists and creeps into the dark crevasses of your mind.

As it builds, so these huge singalong choruses come into their own, and the track becomes ever more irresistible.

Also featured on the EP is the aforementioned Jade Vine, a similarly affecting Shoegaze number. L A C E D are out on the road at the minute – catch them at a show near you (assuming there is one, of course)

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