Following their ‘Context’ EP which was one of last year’s musical highlights for fans of the sort of noise-metal that Amphetamine Reptile would have put out back in the 90s, Eye Flys have released ‘Guillotine’, a teaser track from their full-length debut album ‘Tub of Lard’.

Much like the Coup song of the same name, the song calls for the wealth-hoarders of the world to be put to the titular “guillotine”. Musically, it represents a step away from the sludgey noise rock of ‘Context’ and towards more of a groovecore-leaning sound.

‘Tub of Lard’ is available to buy via Thrill Jockey from March 20th. The band’s spring tour supporting Full of Hell (with whom Eye Flys share members) has unfortunately been postponed until after the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic abates.