Premiere: Brisbane’s loulou’s ‘Depend On Me’ is a scuzzy low-fi shining gem filled with an antipodean garage charm

We are delighted to premiere the new track by Brisbane (or to be precise, Naarm/Meanjin) band loulou entitled ‘Depend On Me’. This is a scuzzy, shambling treasure of a song with its genetic origins traceable to a diverse range of very acceptable source codes – a Brisbane sound with a little of The Go-Betweens, The Saints and more recently The Goon Sax mixed in with something a little edgier and raw with a dollop of US bands like Dinosaur Jnr or Pavement. You get the sonic landscape: something uniquely disarming, a tough exterior with hints of chaos and a lot of melody.

Front person Louis Whelan says of the track:

‘Depend On Me’ was one of those magical tracks that came together almost immediately at practice. Lyrically it’s the closest I’ve gotten to writing a love song in a while (although perhaps hidden behind just a little tongue in cheek), so naturally we decided to pair it with some rough garage instrumentation. It’s always the crowd favourite at gigs and probably one of the funnest songs in our set to play, so we really hope we’ve captured that in the recording (done by Christopher Brownbill at Underground Audio).

What it does have is a lot of swagger and attitude, a post punk blitz with a self-deprecatory and knowing lyrical content. A touch of whimsy cloaked in a fuzzy garage rock mantle:

This augres good things for the future from this band. ‘Depend On Me’ is out on 28 May 2021 and available to pre-save here.

loulou are Louis Whelan (vocals/guitars), Caitlin Callanan (bass) and Talia Bond (drums).

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