EP Review: Qualia – Qualia EP

The Breakdown

...a must if your into some quality deep ambient cuts with a drop of techno and a slice of acid...

Ambient braindance from Italy Comprising Marco Simioni, Matteo Mazreku, and Francesco Pio Nitti, Qualia are a group of Italian producers who have never met in person. Due to the covid pandemic, they had to collaborate in the cloud, resulting in some exquisite ambient braindance.
Having previously released records on Detroit Underground and fellow Utrecht label 030303 between them, they arrive on U-Trax with their eponymous EP of four deep tracks taking influence from a range of genres, including acid-techno, ambient, noise, and beyond.

Leading the release, ‘Perception‘ brings beautiful strings, funky 808 drums and acid tones for a deep and moving opener. The track clearly reveals the inspiration Qualia got for this release from the early Gescom releases. Stretched across the A2 is the ambient bliss of ‘VV Cephei A‘, which brings Boards of Canada-esque drones and tones.

Check out the intro track ‘Perception’

On the flip, the title track ‘Qualia‘ brings a headsy dose of braindance to the mix, recalling the early experiments of Aphex Twin with merciless 303 squelches and distant reverberations. Closing track ‘Until I Break Apart‘ leads with dark, moody strings before a pounding kick introduces a stark tempo shift before deep ambient atmospheres engulf the final minutes.

Verdict: How would I describe the listening experience of dropping the needle on the Qualia EP, well, it’s like an astral projection through the delicate fabric of space and time itself……or, what I would imagine it to sound like witnessing the continuing expansion of the outer reaches of the unknown universe as new worlds are created. But It’s probably better you to check it out for yourself as music like this transcends far beyond my mere words, but what I will say is this, it’s a must if your into some quality deep ambient cuts with a drop of techno and a slice of acid. Trax it down.

Vinyl release comes with 30×30 cm insert, designed by the artists.

Available at: https://u-trax.bandcamp.com/album/qualia-ep (Digital)

Note: All vinyl copies are now sold out (but still available through various online stores while stocks last)

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