Premiere: Brisbane-based David Rylands’s atmospheric new single ‘Get Heat’ blisters with a haunting euro-disco beat

We are very honoured to premiere the title track of the new EP ‘Get Heat’ from Brisbane artist/songwriter/producer extraordinaire David Rylands, out through that purveyor of good taste, False Peak Records, on Sunday, 20 August 2021.

This is quite a tremendous piece of electronica that, for me, brings to mind a meeting between Kraftwerk, Cabaret Voltaire and that sweet spot of early Simple Minds when they were going through their stunning Euro disco phase. Anyone remember German outfit Enigma? Distant haunting voices are carried by a blasting, insistent percussion and celestial, delay-soaked guitars chime in the firmament.

The track has distinct movements that phase in and out, with synth riffs and echoing vocals adding to a sense of mystery and enigma: there is a chilling aura, a vaulting atmosphere and a mesmerising sheen throughout. Over eight electrifying minutes that pass in seconds and which eases out into the ether with an Asian-flavoured percussive fade out:

This is mesmerising, hypnotic material. Rylands is a force in the music scene in Brisbane – an artist, writer, producer with an impressive CV. ‘Get Heat’ the EP is released on Sunday, 20 June 2021 through False Peak Records and available here and you can pre-order and get the single below:

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  2. […] track was produced by the multi-talented David Rylands (whose single ‘Get Heat’ was recently covered by us), and released on the False Peak Records label (headed by Boccalatte – see our recent […]

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