Taken from the upcoming Dance To The Radio Records 4×12” Compilation, Drain You is the new single from Leeds trash punks (their own description) Dead Naked Hippies. Of the track, the bands Lucy Jowett explains “‘Drain You’ is a ‘fuck you’ to the voice that says you can’t….Don’t be a bystander, be strong minded and take control. Grab what you want with both hands. Lose your filter.”

The track exudes darkness and faint menace about it, at the outset built on these gothic, empty sounding guitars that weave in and out, almost masking Jowett’s intial foray into the vocal line. However, this doesn’t last long as finally the aggression bursts out from within it, seething guitar lines and crashing drums vying with the now intense vocal line.

Intense stuff. Check it out, here