Riskee And The Ridicule from Kent, have shared this wonderfully in your face piece of lyrically angry, yet musically smiling, art.

In a time of rising nationalism, fuelled by a political landscape that leaves the needy behind, and an anti EU feeling that has been polarised by a Brexit vote that also divided the nation. “divide and conquer” being worked to its fullest ‘blue’ effect, you could say.

“We hate Brexit,” states frontman Scott Picking. “Musically It’s most likely going to cripple UK DIY touring bands on the mainland. Not only that, but with the way the world is so affected right now by COVID-19, we need unity more than ever. Nobody had a clue what they were voting for and people are still none the wiser and all divided.”

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Find the band on their facebook.com/RiskeeandtheRidicule/