News: Angus McSix to Release Debut Album, Angus McSix and the Sword of Power, on April 7, 2023

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ANGUS McSIX Announces Debut Album, ANGUS McSIX and the Sword of Power, out April 7, 2023 via Napalm Records | Pre-Order Starts NOW!
First Single, “Master Of The Universe” + Official Music Video Released | Watch the Video HERE

When a Hero rises anew, a Legend is born – ANGUS McSIX is back from the dead!

After the heroic death of Prince Angus, hope seemed to be fading for Scotland and the whole galaxy. But our mighty hero has fought his way back into the world of the living and presents, as ANGUS McSIX, the debut album, ANGUS McSIX and the Sword of Power, set for release on Good Friday, April 7, 2023, via Napalm Records. The new band, featuring ANGUS McSIX (Thomas Winkler), archdemon Seebulon (Sebastian “Seeb” Levermann), Nordic muscle berserker Skaw! (Manu Lotter) and the beautiful queen of the Lazer-Amazons, Thalestris (Thalia Bellazecca), contains adventures of unprecedented proportions within it. Risen from the realm of the dead, ANGUS McSIX is the last hope to free Scotland and mankind from all evil.

ANGUS McSIX and the Sword of Power Tracklist:

  1. Master of the Universe    
  2. Sixcalibur  
  3. Laser-Shooting Dinosaur  
  4. Amazons of Caledonia     
  5. Ride to Hell           
  6. Starlord of the Sixtus Stellar System       
  7. The Vision in the Fires (Intro)      
  8. Eternal Warrior    
  9. The Key to Eternity           
  10. In a Past Reality 
  11. Fireflies of Doom
  12. Just a Fool Will Play Tricks on Angus McSix (Bonus Track)   

ANGUS McSIX and the Sword of Power will be available in following formats:

  • Deluxe Boxset (incl. 2-CD Digisleeve / pendant “SWORD” / Flag (100cm*70cm) / 4x signed Autograph Cards / Logo-Patch (15cm * 8cm)) (limited to 500 worldwide) – Napalm Records Shop exclusive
  • 1-LP Gatefold gold / blue marbled vinyl (limited to 300 worldwide) – Napalm Records Shop exclusive
  • Music Cassette black (limited to 100 worldwide) – Napalm Records Shop exclusive
  • 1-LP Gatefold vinyl Curacao transparent (limited to 300 worldwide) – EMP exclusive
  • Music Cassette blue (limited to 100 worldwide) – EMP exclusive
  • 1-LP Gatefold vinyl black
  • 2-CD Digisleeve
  • Digital Album

ANGUS McSIX online:

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