Track: Mongrels – Low Budget/ High Concept

Low Budget High Concept

You only have to turn the corner in Kid Acne’s hometown of Sheffield to come across another of his street art masterpieces. His unique style has taken him from his northern home, to displaying his work all around the world. But whilst his steel as an artist in indisputable,  have you ever stopped to consider his rightful place as a star of the hip-hop world too.

Mongrels are possibly the greatest band that never were. It is the  collaborative project of the Sheffield born artist and MC, and DJ Benjamin. Their first release was all the way back in the ninties,  and due to their solo projects the duo haven’t had the long list of killer tracks you would expect. But fear not, they are back. Their new EP ‘Low Budget, High Concept’ is out to buy on limited edition ten- inch vinyl. If you were a fan if Kid Acne’s solo albums, then you will be in no way dissapointed with Mongrel’s comeback release. They keep their hip-hop funky and old skool. Leading track ‘Chokehold’ is backed up with a brilliantly lo-fi video, which if you’re a fan of street art (or cats) you’ll want to check out. But what is truly brilliant about this EP, is that is a true work of DIY. Not only is it written, performed and recorded by the boys, but the covers screen printed and individually numbered and signed by them too. How many recording artists can say they have done that? But get it whilst it’s hot, as there are only three-hundred available.

Buy the EP here. Or find out more on Twitter

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